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I · don't · believe · in · cops, · bosses, · or · politicians

Some call that anarchism. I call it having a fucking heart that beats.

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I suck at Livejournal.

I don’t suck at taking artsy pictures of myself though hahaha =]

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Things will never be as simple as when I was twelve years old reading Karl Marx in my bedroom alone.
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I want something more than an apology to say when i look the world in the eye.
I’ll tell you, man, my friend William came to me with a message of hope.
It went: “Fuck you and everything that you think you know. If you don’t step outside the things that you believe, they’re gonna kill you.” he said: “No one’s gonna stop you from dying young, and miserable, and right, but if you want something better, you gotta put that shit aside.”

I thought about how for thousands of years there have been people who told us that things can’t go on like this: from Jesus Christ to the Diggers, from Malthus to Zerzan, from Karl Marx to Huey Newton, but the shit goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

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 Things with Aaron have been a lot better since we learned how to communicate with each other.
It only took 13 months XD
It seems like he really appreciates me now that he almost lost me.
I guess it's true; sometimes you need a kick in the ass to get back on track haha.

I have this influx of passion today.
It feels like I should be doing more than just sitting here typing.
Although, I've never been particularly creative.
I'm a passionate, empathetic, political/social-minded human being with no creative outlets.
A fate worse than death! =P
I guess I'm just another stupid kid out to save the world.
I guess that's why I chose to major in History.
I can't save the world, I've accepted that.
But I can help to educate it.
I can help to stop this mindless repetition of mistakes, by educating people about history and it's precedents.
Hell knows the schools aren't going to do it.
(I was taught WWII every year in high school and none of my teachers or textbooks ever bothered to mention that the Soviet Union played a MASSIVE role in it., they didn't mention the Soviet Union at all).
Our history is soaked with blood and violence and bad decisions.
Our future doesn't have to be.
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Just in case anyone forgot,

Who I amCollapse )

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I live in a world that I both love and hate. What am I supposed to do with that? One part of me is devoted to making this place better. To giving myself and people like me a voice.
The other part of me is anticipating some apocalypse that will end civilization, corruption, hunger, pain, poverty, abuse. But I suppose that part of me really wants to make this place better too, if you think about it.

I know what I want to do. I just don't know how to make it happen.
I'd like to think that hopping a freight train, living as freely as possible, participating in black bloc protests, and singing songs about anarchy until my lungs explode will bring on the change I want in this world.
And maybe somehow it will.
What the fuck do I know anyway?

Listen to this song, it will change your whole life.

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I Want Something-Evan Greer
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